Erikoistarjous - ProgeCAD 2024 Pro
Erikoistarjous - ProgeCAD 2024 Pro Erikoistarjous - ProgeCAD 2024 Pro Erikoistarjous - ProgeCAD 2024 Pro Erikoistarjous - ProgeCAD 2024 Pro

Erikoistarjous - ProgeCAD 2024 Pro

Tuotetunniste progecad_pro_2024

Uusi versio suositusta CAD Suunnitteluohjelmistosta - ei vuosimaksua!

310,50 €
345,00 €
Sisältää alv. 24 %

Ei vuosimaksua! - Tehokas ja edullinen vaihtoehto AutoCAD LT käyttöön - uusi versio  
10% alennus rajoitetun ajan uudesta ProgeCAD 2024 Pro:sta!

Progesoft progeCAD Pro 2024 on monipuolinen ja edullinen AutoCAD yhteensopiva ohjelmisto 2D/3D-suunnitteluun. Kun haluat AutoCAD yhteensopivan CAD-ohjelmiston edullisesti, niin tässä on todellinen vaihtoehto. Progesoft progeCAD ohjelmassa on monia mielenkiintoisia työkaluja, mitä ei monesta muusta CAD-ohjelmistosta löydy, ei ainakaan tällä hinnalla. Progesoft progeCAD Pro toimii Windows 10 ja 11  käyttöjärjestelmässä.

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DWG tuki
Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 8.1® or Windows 10®

ProgeCAD tukee kaikkia tärkeitä AutoCAD® tiedosto tyyppejä, mukaanlukien AutoCAD® piirrustukset (2.5:stä 2024:aan). AutoCAD® menut (.MNU), AutoCAD® komentosarja (.SCR), AutoCAD® AutoLISP rutiinit (.LSP), AutoCAD® Drawing Exchange Format (DXF), AutoCAD® ADS yhteensopivat ohjelmat (SDS, Solutions Development System), Windows TrueType ja AutoCAD® SHP/SHX fontit, AutoCAD® diagrammi taulukot (.CTB), AutoCAD® Hatch Patterms AutoCAD® palat, AutoCAD® Linetypes jne.


  • Intellicad 11.1 engine
    The most recent IntelliCAD source code with all the relative improvements.
    Hundreds of bugs fixed, new features and improved interface
  • Optimized selection performance
  • Faster polyline vectorization
  • Fast Zoom
    Improved Zoom reactivity and smoothness
  • Quick Select 2x faster in large drawings


  • ViewCube
    The View Cube is a convenient way to control and manipulate the model space viewing angle in progeCAD
  • Insert blocks preview into Table Cells
    Inserts Blocks through a friendly visual interface
  • New function for the UCS command
    Now it is possible to select Solid entities or Surfaces to define a new UCS
  • Preview Sheet on print
    Paper and margins preview in the print dialog box
    Regenerates entities only in the visible area
  • Improved TOOLPALETTE
    Drag an entity from a drawing and drop it on a tool palette to add the corresponding entity-creation command to the tool palette
  • Command Line Font
    Displays the Command Bar Font dialog box
  • Restore suppressed messages
    From the Options dialog, restore the help and warning messages that were definitively hidden by the user
  • GRIP improvements for clipped blocks
  • CTRL+R function
    Switches between tiled viewports in the Model tab or floating viewports in the current layout
  • 3DWALK
    Changes the 3D view in a drawing interactively to create the appearance of walking through the model. Manage Settings with the 3DWALKFLYSETTINGS command
  • 3DFLY
    Changes the 3D view in a drawing interactively to create the appearance of flying through the model. Manage Settings with the 3DWALKFLYSETTINGS command
    Displays a visual aid, or gizmo, used to move and rotate entities in the three-dimensional space


    Link a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to a progeCAD table dynamically linked to the external file. The best thing about data linking is that any changes that you make to the Excel spreadsheet will update the progeCAD table. Plus, if you set it up this way, you can edit the table and it can write back to the spreadsheet.
    Imports directly an .xls or .xlsx file into a new static progeCAD Table.    
    The imported data fill a new table that is created automatically during import, and the new table is formatted automatically to match the format of the original spreadsheet.
  • MAPIMPORT - Geo Data and FDO Import
    Inserts geometries from SDF files (SDF is a native Autodesk® geospatial file-based format optimized for storing large classified data sets), SQLite and SHAPE (esri) files, or can use a database server service like WFS (the Web Feature Service allows users to share geospatial /or non-spatial data over the Internet. Thus, feature services can be consumed through the Internet in WebMaps, desktop and web applications.), PostgreSQL or MySQL.
  • MAPIINSERT - Multiple images insertion
    Insertion of multiple images at the same time (especially useful for georeferenced images).
  • Improved Geolocation
    New dialog box for adding a geographic location to a drawing.
    Use the Map Service command to turn geographic map services on and off. When off, the program is prevented from accessing the Internet to display the online map, and the Mark Position, Capture Area, and Reload Image commands are unavailable.
  • New Express command - Smart Join
    Joins lines, polylines, splines into a single polyline.
  • LAYMRG - Merge Layers
    Reduces the number of layers in a drawing by merging them. Objects on merged layers are moved to the target layer, and the original layers are purged from the drawing.
    Creates curves in the U and V directions on a Surface or on a 3D solid. The curves can be lines, polylines, arcs, or splines depending on the shape of a 3D object.
    Allows to create a new Dimension Style based on an existing dimension. Say you have a dimension and you change its properties by overriding such elements: extension line color, text color, arrowhead size, and text font. Just run the command AIDIMSTYLE and select the dimension and a new style will be created with these properties.
    Center Marks and Centerlines are dimensioning references to centers and axes of symmetry. Center Marks and Centerlines are associative objects. If you move or modify the associated objects, the center marks and centerlines adjust accordingly.
    From the Properties palette, you can control their geometry and visibility.

    Splits 2D entities such as lines, arcs, polylines, infinite lines, rays, splines into two entities at a single break point. Closed entities cannot be split at a single break point.

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